During Ganesh Chaturthi bloggers come up with many unique and variety ideas of modak recipes.If you are looking for a quick version of modak, trust me this post is for you.It can be prepared within 20 minutes and tastes absolutely delicious.These instant sweet requires very few ingredients which makes it an excellent choice for any one to go for it.

These modaks are sugar free and the enhanced chocolaty flavor will definitely satisfy the sweet cravings of your entire family and friends.

Traditionally, modak has been prepared by stuffing inside freshly grated coconut and jaggery, while the outer coverage is made of rice flour dough or wheat flour. Then it can be cooked either by steam cooking method or by deep frying.



Digestive biscuits-8

Cocoa powder -3 tbsp

Ghee- 3 tbsp

Honey -3 tbsp.


  • Cut all the digestive biscuits into small pieces.Put it in a blender and grind till we get a coarse powder out of it.
  • Next add cocoa powder ,blend it once more and make sure cocoa powder combined well with coarse mixture of biscuits.
  • Transfer to a mixing bowl and add ghee which will help the mixture to hold the shape properly.
  • For sweetness add honey and stir it well.
  • Fill the modak mould with prepared mixture by pressing it tightly.If there any vacant space inside the mould ,modak won’t turn out in exact shape .
  • Gently demould modak by removing it from the edges and transfer into a serving plate.
  • Once we demould all modaks ,refrigerate them for half an hour to make it firm and non sticky.
  • Enjoy with your loved ones these instant chocolate modaks. It’s really worth trying .


Add cocoa powder and blend it well.
Coarse mixture is ready.
Add melted ghee .
Add honey which will give enough sweetness for modak.
Stir in well.
Fill in the modak mould by pressing the mixture tightly.
Gently demould it by leaving the edges.
Perfect shaped chocolate modak is ready.
Refrigerate for half an hour and Serve !!!!!!
Kids’ favorite chocolate modak is ready to enjoy !!!!!!















  • Wash the corn thoroughly and deseed the corn kernels
  • Take a bowl add corn kernels along with corn flour, rice flour and salt
  • sprinkle some water little by little and make sure corn kernels are nicely coated.
  • Fry this in batches ,until it becomes crispy.
  • Mix it with all the seasoning ingredients.
  • serve hot .


A perfect keralite snack recipe .It is one of the most favorite dishes of all kerala food lovers.This instant evening snack can be prepared with minimum staple ingredients which are readily availabe at any keralite kitchen.

Hope you all will like this recipe .You can also check few more instant snack recipes available in this blog.


Ripe banana (plantain)- 4-5

All purpose flour-2 cups

Turmeric powder -1/4th tsp

Sugar -4-5tbsp

Water -1/2 cup

Egg -1

Oil for deep frying banana slices


  • Cut the bananas into three slices.
  • In a large mixing bowl combine together flour, turmeric powder ,sugar etc.
  • crack one egg and add enough water to make a smooth lumpfree batter.
  • Once the batter is ready, dip each slice of banana into the prepared batter and coat it well with flour mixture.
  • Heat oil in a medium flame ,gently drop the banana slices into the hot oil.
  • Fry till both the sides get golden in colour.
  • Transfer the fried banana fritters on to an oil absorbant paper.
  • Serve them hot with some tea or coffee.


  • Always use perfectly riped plantain which are firm in texture.
  • Adding egg in the batter is completely optional, but it will helps to bind all the ingredients together and gives a nice texture for banana fritters.
  • Batter should slightly thick to coat well all over the banana slices .
  • You can use coconut oil for deep frying bananas which will give the authentic flavor of kerala pazham pori.


Take a mixing bowl and add all the dry ingredients.
Add turmeric powder and sugar.
Pour in some water and make a smooth batter.
Crack one egg into the batter and mix well.
Get the batter right and you will end having the perfect banana fritters.
Cut each banana into three slices vertically.
Heat oil in a medium flame.
Dip the banana slices into the batter deep fry till perfectly cooked.
Fry in a medium hot oil ,flipping sides in between.
Perfect banana fritters are ready !!!!

Serve hot with some tea or coffee.




No oil coconut chutney podi/Powder is really a lip smacking one compared our usual south indian coconut chutney.The highlight is it will remain fresh upto one month ,so just prepare it in bulk and store it in an airtight container and use it whenever required.It save a lot of time ,isn’t it?

Dry roasting coconut will actually helps to increase it’s shelf life.Always use a very clean and dry spoon while serving chutney as an accompaniment for South Indian breakfasts.

Some people don’t like the flavor tamarind ,you can skip it if you dont want to give a tangy flavor.I personally like it’s flavor ,so a small piece tamarind was added while grinding.


Grated coconut-2 cups

Dry red chillies-10

Curry leaves -1 cup

Tamarind -small sized

Asafoetida-1/4th tsp



  • To begin with dry roast coconut for 4-5 minutes in a low to medium flame .
  • Once it’s colour changes and coconut becomes aromatic ,Switch off the flame and let it cool well.
  • In the same pan ,dry roast chillies and curry leaves separately.
  • Once all the ingredients reaches room temperature, powder them using a blender .
  • While blending add few more ingredients which will enhance the flavor of chutney podi (tamarind, salt, asafoetida ).
  • Blend everything together and make a coarse powder out of it.
  • Transfer into an airtight container ,serve it whenever you required using a dry ,clean spoon.
  • This will remain fresh upto one month.
  • Best to be served along with Dosa ,Idli ,Uthappam etc


Dry roast freshly grated coconut for 4-5 minutes in medium flame .
Once it’s colour changes into golden brown ,turn off the flame and keep it aside.
Dry fried coconut.
Dry roast chillies till they turn crisp in texture.
Saute curry leaves 2-3 minutes in a low flame and keep aside.
Allow this to cool completely.
powder them all using a mixer grinder along with salt ,tamarind and asafoetida .
Blend it coarsely.
Adding asafoetida powder in between.
Blend it once again.
Spicy and tangy flavored Chutney podi is ready!!!!!

Dry coconut chutney powder is a perfect combination to serve along with Idli

,Dosa etc.




If you are in search for a go to meal for busy weekends ,then this chinese fried can be a great option to consider.You can customise it with your favorite add ons especially in the case vegetables. Enjoy this super delicious fried rice at the comfort of your home.


Basmati rice-2 cups

Boneless chicken pieces -1/2 kg

chopped carrots -1/4th cupS

Garlic cloves -4-5

Green chillies -3

Chopped beans -1/4th cup

Soya sauce -2tbsp

Red chilli sauce -2tbsp

Black pepper-1&1/2 tsp


Spring onions for garnishing

Sunflower oil 3 tbs


  • Rinse off basmati rice and soak for 15 minutes .
  • Cook basmati rice till it become firm not mushy.
  • Drain to a colander and let it cool completely.
  • In a mixing bowl add chicken pieces, pepper powder and salt.Mix well.
  • Heat 1/2 tbsp of oil in a pan ,add marinated chicken pieces and cook for about 4-5 minutes in a medium flame.Once it’s done keep it aside.
  • Pour remaining oil to the same pan .
  • Add garlic and green chillies ,saute for 30seconds just to get rid off it’s raw flavor.
  • Add finely chopped carrots and beans .Toss it on a high flame for few minutes.The texture should remain crunchy not soft and mushy.
  • Transfer the rice along with soya sauce ,red chilli sauce and salt.
  • Stir in well ,keeping the flame high.
  • Add chicken pieces and keep mixing till the rice gets imparted with all the flavors of sauces and turns hot.
  • Finally add some spring onion and give it a good mix.
  • Piping hot chicken fried rice will be ready to serve !!!!


These crispy and tasty bread samosa filled with savory ,tangy spiced mashed potatoes will be a great evening to serve along with a cup of tea.The preparation of stuffing is very simple, needs only mixing up the ingredients like boiled potatoes and other ingredients.The crispy outer crust makes it really tempting and irresistible snacks of your choice.

These instant crispy samosas make a good party snack since they remain crispy for long time.They are best served with green chutney or tomato ketchup.


Boiled potatoes-3

Ginger-Small sized

Green chillies -3

Onions -1

Oil -3 tbsp

Turmeric powder-1/4th tsp

Chilli powder -1 tsp

Chaat masala -1 tsp

Lemon juice -1 Tbsp


Coriander leaves

Sandwich Bread slices -8

Oil for deep frying.


  • To begin with rinse off 3-4 medium sized potatoes and pressure cook for 5-6 whistles.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked well, drain off water and keep it aside.
  • Once it cools down ,cut them into cubes and keep aside.
  • Heat some oil in a nonstick pan ,add cumin seeds, ginger, green chillies and finely chopped onions. Saute it for a while ,till they become transluscent.
  • Spice it with some masala(turmeric powder, chilli powder, chaat masala, salt etc.
  • Add cubed potatoes along with salt and lemon juice.Mash them using a spatula and make sure potatoes get absorbed with all the flavors of masala.
  • Finally add some coriander leaved and keep aside.
  • Steam cook the bread slices for few seconds ,this way we can make it easily foldable and also prevent crumbling while folding.
  • Using a rolling pin roll out bread slices .Trim the edges and cut it diagonally to make equally sized two samosas.
  • Take one of the slices and drizzle some water on the sides ,seal it by bringing the two edges together and pressing it.Keep one side open where in we need add prepared filling.
  • Add Filling inside the cone shaped portion .Seal it tightly by applying some water on the open sides of bread slices.
  • Repeat the process and prepare all samosas following this method.
  • Heat some oil for deep frying samosas ,Keep the flame medium and fry till samosas turn crispy and golden in colour.
  • Serve hot with some tomato ketchup .Enjoy !!!!!


Saute veggies till they become transluscent.
Add masala ,turmeric powder, chilli powder , chaat masala and salt..
Add potatoes .Mix well and let it get coated well all masala.
Add some lemon juice and mash potatoes well till everything get well combined.
roll out bread slices using a rolling pin ,trim the edges and cut it into two
sprinkle some water on the edges ,fold it and seal the edges.
press it and seat it tightly.
Add prepared potato filling .
Deep fry in medium flame till they become crispy.

crispy bread samosas are ready serve !!!!!

For recipe videos visit:



Shallow fried kerala chicken fry will be a great starter recipe to serve during any special occasion since it requires very less time to prepare.Red chilli powder will definitely impart a lovely red colour which will make this dish visually appealing too.

Here i have used chicken pieces with bones.so make sure to cut through the fleshy part of chicken pieces ,so that marinade will get properly absorbed and coated well on chicken .

If you prefer a spicy version of chicken fry you can definitely add some pepper powder along with the marination.

Always use coconut oil to prepare authentic kerala style dishes .it’s aroma and taste cannot be replicated by any other cooking oils available in the market.


Chicken -1 kg

Besan /gram flour -3 tbsp

Ginger garlic paste -1tbsp

Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp

Chilli powder -2tsp

Lemon juice -1&1/2 tsp


Coconut oil -for frying

Curry leaves .


Add all the ingredients to the chicken pieces and coat it well with marination .Make sure the batter is not thick and at the same time too thin either.

Heat coconut oil in a pan for shallow frying chicken pieces.fry all these chicken pieces in batches till done.

Marinated chicken pieces.

Flip the sides and cook till all sides get cooked well.

Shallow fry till done .

In the remaining oil ,fry some curry leaves and garnish with fried chicken.

Serve hot with some chapati, fried rice etc.

Enjoy this tasty hot chicken fry with some chappathi, porotta, ghee rice etc.


Slow cooked Muringayila thoran is a great accompaniment to have along with any south indian vegeterian curry .This side dish goes well with Curd curry and steamed rice .

Drumstick leaves have numerous health benefits too.

It is rich in antioxidants and helps to lower blood pressure.It has been proven that drumstick leaves aids for digestion and also plays a major role in reducing cholesterol.

This is one of easiest leafy veg stir fries which you can prepare without spending much time in kitchen.Grated coconut will definitely enhance the flavor and at the same time gives a typical flavor of south indian dish.


Muringayila/Drumstick leaves – 3 cups

Grated coconut-1/4th cup



Rice -1 tbsp

Oil-1 tbsp

Dry red chillies -2

Garlic- 3 cloves (crushed)


  • To begin with separate the leaves from twigs and keep it aside.
  • Wash it thoroughly and squeeze out excess water from leaves .
  • In a kadai add cleaned drumstick leaves ,cover and cook it for 5-6 minutes in a medium flame .Leaves will realease enough water to get cooked Once it gets heated up.
  • Add some salt and mix it thoroughly.
  • Once they get cooked well add grated coconut and stir in till they get combined well.Swich off the flame and keep it aside.
  • Heat some oil in a frying pan ,add some rice ,fry till it becomes brown colour.Add crushed garlic and saute till its raw flavor goes off.
  • Finally add dry red chillies and pour it over cooked Drumstick leaves.
  • Serve hot with some rice and any veg curries of your choice.


In a kadai add cleaned leaves ,cook it in a medium flame.
cooked drumstick leaves .Add enough salt.
Add some grated coconut.Mix it thoroughly.
For tempering ,heat some oil along with rice, garlic and dry red chillies.
Muringayila thoran is ready is serve.

Nutritious Muringayila thoran !!!!!!




This kerala chicken curry prepared with roasted coconut gravy is my dear to heart.There are multiple variations for kerala chicken curry ,but this particular recipe is loved and prepared very commonly in most of the south indain houses .The gravy is mildy spicy and make a great combination for apppam ,steamed rice ,chapathi etc.For this recipe i have used very few staple ingredients which are readily available at any kerala households.



chicken- 1kg

Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp

Pepper powder -2 tsp



Grated coconut -1/2 cup

cumin seeds -1 tsp

Chopped onions -2 tbsp

Curry leaves

Coconut Oil -2 tbsp

Garlic -6 cloves

Chilli powder -2 tsp

Turmeric powder -1/4th tsp

Coriander powder -2tsp


Sliced Onions -1 large sized

Ginger -1 small sized

Garlic -4-5 cloves

Green chillies -3

chopped Tomato -1


  • Take a mixing bowl and add chicken pieces along with turmeric powder, pepper powder and salt.
  • Mix well and keep the marination for 20 minutes.
  • Heat some oil in a pan ,add grated coconut along with ,chopped onions garlic, cumin seeds, curry leaves etc.
  • Once it turns golden brown add spices (chilli powder ,turmeric powder and coriander powder).
  • Roast it in a very low flame.Once it becomes aromatic ,switch off the flame and let it cool for a while.
  • Once it cools down ,grind and make a thick paste out of it.
  • Take all the sliced veggies and add into marinated chicken pieces.
  • Add 1/2 cup of water and let it cook for 10 minute in a medium flame.
  • Once chicken become tender add ground coconut paste and let it cook for another 5 minutes in a medium flame.
  • Once the curry starts to boil ,check the taste ,add salt if required.
  • Finally fry some onions and pour it over the curry.
  • Serve hot with some appam, chapathi, steamed rice etc.


In a pan keep all the ingredients for marination (chicken ,turmeric powder ,pepper powder and salt).Mix well .Let the chicken pieces get absorbed with all the flavor s of masala.
keep the marination for 20 minutes
Heat some oil in a pan ,add grated coconut along with chopped onions, garlic, cumin seeds and curry leaves.
Roast until it’s colour changes slightly brown.
Add masala. chilli powder, turmeric powder and coriander powder.Roast until masala become slightly heated up.
Once masala is ready , let it cool for a while.Then grind it by adding some water till you get a smooth pate out of it.
Sliced onions, chopped tomatoes,Green chillies, Ginger ,garlic.
Add all veggies in the marinated chicken.Let ot cook for 10-15. minutes.
Once they are half cooked ,add coconut paste and let it cook for another 5-8 minutes in a medium flame.
roasted coconut paste .
Finally fry some onions till they become brown colour and pour it over the curry.




Today’s recipe is one of my favorite rice varieties.Spicy prawns masala layered with perfectly cooked biriyani rice is a pure bliss to relish during any special occassions. Here i have used Jeerakasala biriyani rice which had actually enhanced the flavor of this biriyani.You can serve this delicious biriyani with any of your favorite raita and pickle .

Here’s the recipe:



Green chillies -4


Ginger -1 small piece

garlic -6-7 loves

Coriander leaves

oil -4 tbsp

Water -3 cups


Prawns -1 Kg

Chilli powder -2tsp

Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp

Pepper powder -1 tsp



Biriyani rice -2 cups

Cardamom 3-4

cinnamon stick -1 small piece

Clove 3-4

sliced Onions -1

Ghee -2 tbsp

Water -3 cups



  • Wash and clean prawns thoroughly.If you are using medium sized prawns ,devein it and Keep aside.
  • Take a mixing bowl and add cleaned prawns along with turmeric powder ,chilli powder ,Pepper powder and salt .Mix well and keep the marination for 15 minutes.
  • Take a fry pan and shallow prawns for 2 -3 minutes in a medium flame. Keep this aside.
  • To prepare rice ,heat some ghee in a pressure cooker .Then add cardamom, cinnamon sticks and cloves ,saute it in a low flame till they become aromatic.
  • Add sliced onions and saute it until they become transluscent.
  • Next add washed and cleaned basmati rice along with 3 cups of water .
  • Finally add salt as per taste.
  • Cover and pressure cook for 1 whistle in a medium flame.
  • Meanwhile let’s prepare prawns masala.
  • Take a apan ,and pour some oil.Add crushed ,ginger, garlic and green chillies .]
  • Saute it till it’s raw tastes goes off.Next add slices onions and tomatoes , saute it well till they become soft and mushy.
  • Now it’s time to add some spices .Sprinkle some turmeric powder ,chilli powder and garam masala.
  • Add fried prawns and mix well.
  • Pour some water and let it cook for 3-4 minutes in a medium flame.
  • salt as per taste.
  • Once prawns masala is ready ,switch off the flame and keep this aside.
  • Once the pressure cooker releases first whistle ,wait until steam goes of completely.
  • Transfer the cooked biriyani rice into another pan.
  • Take a big kadai for layering process.To begin with spread some biriyani rice on the bottom side ,add some prawns masala on top of it. Repeat the process .
  • Garnish with some coriander leaves and cover it with an airtight lid.Cook for 10 minutes in a very low flame .
  • Keep the biriyani pot on top a dosa pan and cook it on a low flame .This will help to spread the heat evenly and rice will be non-sticky and delicious .
  • Serve hot with some onion raita and pickle .


Spicy boondi or kara boondi is one of the easiest snacks to be prepared with the staple ingredients readily available at home.Sweet boondis are my all time favorite which i prepare occasionally at home and serve after a lip-smacking south indian lunch. Boondi preparation is a litte bit tricky part in this recipe. .The batter should be in perfect consistency and at the same time oil shouldn’t extremely hot since that wouldn’t give us the perfect round shaped boondis.

This tea time snack is mainly prepared during festival seasons , especially during Diwali.Besan is the key ingredient required for this recipe.Spicy and crispy Kara boondis are the right choice to much along with a hot cup of tea compared any store bought snacks .


Besan- 1 cup

Water -1 cup

Rice flour-3 tbsp

Turmeric powder -1/4th tsp

Chilli powder -1 tsp

Asafoetida-1/4th tsp

Baking soda-1/4th tsp


Oil for deep frying


Curry leaves -1 sprig

Dry red chillies-4-5

Garlic cloves -5-6

Peanuts -2 tbsp


  • In a mixing bowl add besan, rice flour, turmeric powder, chilli powder and asafoetida, baking soda and salt.
  • Pour water gradually and mix the batter really well until it forms into smooth and lump free mitxture. Batter should be in a perfect flowing consistency ,it shouldn’t be too thick or too thin either.
  • In a kadai ,heat enough oil for deep frying boondis.
  • Take a regular ladle with holes or boodi ladle ,pour one big spoon of batter through the ladle and gently spread it . Let the boondi droplets fall into oil.
  • Fry for a while ,Once you see boondis turn into golden and crispy , transfer into an oil absorbing paper.
  • Prepare all boondis in batches till the batter is over.
  • For tempering ,Fry some curry leaves ,dry red chillies ,garlic ,peanuts etc. and mix it along with boondis.
  • Crispy and crunchy kara boondis are ready to enjoy.


Take a mixing bowl and add besan, rice flour, turmeric powder ,chilli powder ,asafoetida, salt and baking soda.

Add 1 cup of water and make a smooth batter without any lumps.
Mix well and make a smooth batter.
Heat oil for deep frying .Pour some batter in a ladle with holes.
fry them till they become crispy and golden in colour.
Perfect round shaped boondis.
Add some fried curry leaves, dry red chillies, garlic cloves, peanuts etc.
Crispy and crunchy kara boondi !!!!!!



Today i am going to share with you an extremely simple pulao recipe prepared with pressure cooker. Matar pulao served along with onion raita is a real comfort food for my family.The wholesome spices roasted in ghee will makes it immensely flavorful and addictive.

This one pot meal is a real fuss free rice variety that comes together in minutes using just pantry staples.


Basmati rice-1 cup

Green peas -1 cup

Water -1&1/2 cup


green chillies -3

Ginger garlic paste -2 tsp


Bay leaf -2

Cumin seeds -1 tsp

Cinnamon sticks-2

Cardamom – 4-5

cahews -7-8



  • Soak basmati rice for 20 minutes .This will give a fluffy and soft texture for rice.
  • In a pressure cooker melt 2 tbsp of ghee.Add whole garam masala and saute it for few seconds till it generates a nice aroma.
  • Add green chillies ,onion and ginger garlic paste. Saute it for a while .
  • Next add green peas ,preferably fresh ones.
  • Add washed and soaked basmati rice along with 1&1/2 cup water.
  • salt as per taste.
  • Cover the lid and cook in a medium flame for 1 whistle.
  • Fry some cashew and pour it on top of rice.
  • Serve hot with some onion raita and pickle. It’s super delicious.


Basmati rice, green peas, ginger garlic paste ,onion, green chillies, garam masala, ghee
Heat 2 tbsp of ghee in a pressure cooker.
roasting whole garam masala till it becomes aromatic.
It may take few seconds.
Add sliced onions, green chillies, ginger garlic paste etc.
Add fresh green peas.
Add Soaked basmati rice
Pour 1&1/2 cup of water and sprinkle some salt .
Pressure cook for 1 whistle.
Matar pulao is ready.
Soft and fluffy rice.
Finally add some fried cashews.