super healthy banana smoothie recipe .


Banana -2

milk -4 tbsp

honey -1 tbsp (optional)

coco powder -1 tsp

apple -1/2 piece finely chopped


Peel off bananas ,cut them in to small pieces.

freeze it for 3-4 hrs in a zip lock bag.

Take a blender jar ,add frozen bananas along with milk and coco powder .

blend it till  it forms in to a creamy texture .

transfer this  in to serving glass, add honey and chopped apple.

Enjoy .



You can even fill this in to the popsicle mould, without adding chopped fruits, and freeze it for  4-5 hrs and serve it like popsicle.

We can even add more chopped fruits like, green apples, pear, dry fruits, nuts ,dates etc. in to the banana smoothie and serve it like  a fruit salad.





A foodie....

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