Delicious pineapple upside down cake recipe.


For bottom layer

butter-1/4 th cup

Brown sugar-1/4th cup

Cinnamon powder-1 tsp

Pineapple slices

Cherry fruits for decoration

For cake

All purpose flour-1&1/2 cup


Sugar- 1 cup

Butter-1/2 cup

Baking powder-1 tsp

Vanilla essence-1 tsp

Butter milk -1/2 cup


Take a bowl add brown sugar and cinnamon powder, mix well.

Take a cake pan spread butter on the bottom, sprinkle prepared brown sugar mixture. Cover the bottom side with brown sugar.

Arranging the pineapple slices and cherry fruits.

Take a mixing bowl,using a hand mixer beat butter and sugar. Combine this well until we get a smooth mixture.

Add 2 egg beat this until we get a soft peaks.

Seive all purpose flour and baking powder.

Add vanilla essence and butter milk.

Mix this well.

Pour the batter on the pineapple slices .

Spread the batter evenly.

Bake it for 50-55 minutes @ 180 degree in a preheated oven.

No Gelatin chocolate vanilla pudding

Simple chocolate vanilla pudding recipe.


Digestive biscuits -4

Ghee-3 tbsp

For vanilla layer

Milk-1&1/2 cup

Sugar-2 tbsp

Cornflour-2 tbsp

Vanilla essence-1 tsp

Chocolate layer

Unsweetened cocoa powder- tbsp

Milk-1&1/2 cup

Sugar-2 tbsp

Cornflour-2&1/2 tbsp


Crumble digestive biscuits using a grinder.

Mix it with some ghee until well combined.

transfer this in to a pudding tray .

Cover the bottom side of the pudding tray with a butter paper.

Spread the biscuit crumbs evenly on the pudding tray.

For making vanilla layer , boil 1&1/2 cup of milk .

Once it starts to boil add sugar and vanilla essence.

Take a mixing bowl and make cornflour batter by adding some milk.

Pour the cornflour batter in to boiling milk.

Once it starts to thicken pour it on the biscuit layer.

Refrigerate it for an hour.

For chocolate layer, mix some cocoa powder and milk.

Boil it and add corn flour batter and sugar .

Once it thickens , pour it on the top of vanilla pudding mix.

Refrigerate it for another 1&1/2 hour.

Cut and serve once it is ready.


Crispy potato wedges to serve as an evening snack .



Corn flour-4 tbsp

Paprika-2 tsp

Oregano-1&1/2 tsp

Lemon juice-1 tbsp

Salt – as per taste.

Oil for deep frying


Wash and clean potatoes.

Cut them in to half. slice each half portioned potatoes in to 3-4 slices in lengthwise .

Boil these slices potatoes until they get half cooked.

Once they are half cooked, drain water completely and allow this to cool.

To prepare batter , take a bowl,add cornflour, paprika,oregano, lemon juice,salt and water.

Make a smooth lump free batter and dip each potato slices until they get well coated with this batter.

Deep fry these potatoes for a crispy texture.

Serve hot with some tomato ketchup.