South indian poondu murukku or garlic murukku is an absolutlety delicious and kids’ favorite snack recipe .This snack is quiet easy to prepare and it’s unique flavor makes this scruptious snack a go to recipe which i prepare very often in my home .


Besan-1 cup

Rice flour-1/2 cup

Garlic cloves -3

Turmeric powder -1/4th tsp

Chilli powder -1 tsp

Asafoetida-1/4th tsp

Ghee -1/2 tbsp


Water for kneading the dough


  • Put the garlic cloves in a grinder and grind it by adding 1/4 th cup of water.
  • Strain garlic juice using a strainer and remove all the tiny bits and pieces if any.
  • Take a Mixing bowl and add besan, rice flour,turmeric powder ,chilli powder ,asafoetida and salt.
  • Add strained garlic juice .
  • Knead the dough really well by adding some water .
  • Add 1/2 tbsp of ghee which will make the murukku even more flavorful and crispy.
  • Heat some oil for deep frying in a kadai.
  • Once the dough is ready fill the murukku maker with the prepared dough.
  • Squeeze it on a ladle and keep the ladle into the oil for few minutes.
  • Drop the murukku gently by sliding with a spoon or knife.
  • Deep fry and flip in between.
  • Fry until murukku changes it’s colour and becomes crispy.
  • Crispy Garlic murukku will be ready to serve !!!


Grind garlic by adding 1/4th cup of water.
Strain garlic juice and keep aside.
Take a mixing bowl ,add besan,rice flour,turmeric powder,chilli powder,asafoetida,salt and ghee.
Add strained garlic juice .
Mix it well adding some water and knead the dough until it forms into a soft dough.
Filling murukku maker with the dough .
Squeez it out on a ladle .
Drop it on to the hot oil.Wait for few minutes.
Gently drop it and fry unti it turns crispy and golden in colour.
Crispy garlic murukku is ready to serve


Hi , Thank you for stopping by @beenasrecipes.My name is Beena Vinob ,writer of this blog. Being a food enthusiast most of the recipes found here are learnt from my friends ,family members, watching T.V.shows , with reference to recipe books etc. However you could see some innovative and unique dishes which I have developed over past years of experience. All the recipes are tested and tried multiple times to confirm the authenticity of the blog post. If I come across a new recipe ,I often try to present the simplest version of the recipe by making some twist and turns in the original version with the staple ingredients available at home. If you have any question regarding the recipe kindly use the comment section on the page. I really enjoy the process of exploring new recipe ideas ,trying out new dishes, food photography ,recipe video editing etc.That’s why I have been continuing this journey over the past few years. Feel free to contact me at Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated .

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