No oil coconut chutney podi/Powder is really a lip smacking one compared our usual south indian coconut chutney.The highlight is it will remain fresh upto one month ,so just prepare it in bulk and store it in an airtight container and use it whenever required.It save a lot of time ,isn’t it?

Dry roasting coconut will actually helps to increase it’s shelf life.Always use a very clean and dry spoon while serving chutney as an accompaniment for South Indian breakfasts.

Some people don’t like the flavor tamarind ,you can skip it if you dont want to give a tangy flavor.I personally like it’s flavor ,so a small piece tamarind was added while grinding.


Grated coconut-2 cups

Dry red chillies-10

Curry leaves -1 cup

Tamarind -small sized

Asafoetida-1/4th tsp



  • To begin with dry roast coconut for 4-5 minutes in a low to medium flame .
  • Once it’s colour changes and coconut becomes aromatic ,Switch off the flame and let it cool well.
  • In the same pan ,dry roast chillies and curry leaves separately.
  • Once all the ingredients reaches room temperature, powder them using a blender .
  • While blending add few more ingredients which will enhance the flavor of chutney podi (tamarind, salt, asafoetida ).
  • Blend everything together and make a coarse powder out of it.
  • Transfer into an airtight container ,serve it whenever you required using a dry ,clean spoon.
  • This will remain fresh upto one month.
  • Best to be served along with Dosa ,Idli ,Uthappam etc


Dry roast freshly grated coconut for 4-5 minutes in medium flame .
Once it’s colour changes into golden brown ,turn off the flame and keep it aside.
Dry fried coconut.
Dry roast chillies till they turn crisp in texture.
Saute curry leaves 2-3 minutes in a low flame and keep aside.
Allow this to cool completely.
powder them all using a mixer grinder along with salt ,tamarind and asafoetida .
Blend it coarsely.
Adding asafoetida powder in between.
Blend it once again.
Spicy and tangy flavored Chutney podi is ready!!!!!

Dry coconut chutney powder is a perfect combination to serve along with Idli

,Dosa etc.




Healthy and nutritious peanut chutney is a great substitute for the regular coconut chutney to serve along with dosa and idli ,if you want to try a unique and flavorful chutney variety .The key is use fresh peanuts and also make sure not to overboard with spices. Unlike coconut chutney which we usually serve along with South Indian breakfast dishes ,peanut chutney will remain fresh up to 3-4 days inside the refrigerator.Here is how to make it:


Peanuts-1 cup

Kashmiri chillies-5


Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp

Tamarind pulp- 1 small piece of tamarind soaked in warm water.

Salt- as per taste



Heat a pan and roast peanuts  for few minutes.

Once it starts to crackle ,switch off the flame.

Once it cools down remove the skin and keep aside.

Take a blender jar add all the ingredients and grind it to make a smooth paste.

For seasoning fry some mustrds seeds ,urad dal,dry red chillies and curry leaves .

For seasoning

Mustard seeds- 1 tsp

Urad dal -1 tsp

Dry red chilly-2

Curry leaves- 1sprig

Oil- 1 tbsp






Roast peanuts for few minutes .Once it becomes crisp ,switch off the flame .
Peel off the skin

Grind by adding kashmiri chilli,tamarind pulp ,cumin seeds garlic and water .

Add salt and adjust the consistency by adding some water.
The tempering is poured over the chutney

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