Shallow fried kerala chicken fry will be a great starter recipe to serve during any special occasion since it requires very less time to prepare.Red chilli powder will definitely impart a lovely red colour which will make this dish visually appealing too.

Here i have used chicken pieces with make sure to cut through the fleshy part of chicken pieces ,so that marinade will get properly absorbed and coated well on chicken .

If you prefer a spicy version of chicken fry you can definitely add some pepper powder along with the marination.

Always use coconut oil to prepare authentic kerala style dishes .it’s aroma and taste cannot be replicated by any other cooking oils available in the market.


Chicken -1 kg

Besan /gram flour -3 tbsp

Ginger garlic paste -1tbsp

Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp

Chilli powder -2tsp

Lemon juice -1&1/2 tsp


Coconut oil -for frying

Curry leaves .


Add all the ingredients to the chicken pieces and coat it well with marination .Make sure the batter is not thick and at the same time too thin either.

Heat coconut oil in a pan for shallow frying chicken pieces.fry all these chicken pieces in batches till done.

Marinated chicken pieces.

Flip the sides and cook till all sides get cooked well.

Shallow fry till done .

In the remaining oil ,fry some curry leaves and garnish with fried chicken.

Serve hot with some chapati, fried rice etc.

Enjoy this tasty hot chicken fry with some chappathi, porotta, ghee rice etc.