Soft and moist orange sponge cake is loaded with fresh orange flavor .This fuss free citrus cake recipe could be easily handled by any novice baker .Do not overboard the cake with rich and creamy frosting ,the beauty lies in the light and soft texture of the cake slices that melts in your mouth.Always go for the fresh oranges rather than using the store bought orange juices.

If you are looking for a dessert to wow! your family and friends ,try this irresistibly delicious sponge cake bursting with orange flavor .Trust me this will definitely satisfy the sweet cravings of the whole family.


All purpose flour-1 cup

Sugar -1 cup

Orange puree-1/2 cup

Butter -100 gms

Vanila essence-

Eggs -6

Orange zest-1 tbsp

Baking powder-1tsp


  • Separate egg yolks from whites.In a mixing bowl ,add egg whites using a hand mixer beat until it urns into light and fluffy.Transfer this into another bowl.
  • In the same mixing bowl add butter and sugar.Make sure they get very well incorporated.
  • Next we need to add egg yolks,Mix it in a high speed using hand mixer .Wait for creamy texture.
  • Add all purpose flour along with baking powder .Sift it well through a sieve .
  • Now add orange puree ,vanila essence and orange zest.Orange zest will impart a strong orange flavor for cake .
  • Using spatula fold it and mix everything together.
  • Finally add beaten egg whites ,Mix it well for few seconds using hand mixer.
  • Fold it once or twice using a spatula and ensure no streaks of flour remaining in the cake batter.
  • Line a parchment paper on a cake tray and pour the cake batter.Tap it twice or thrice to let go off the air bubbles.
  • Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven @220 degree .Reduce the temperature at 180 degree and bake for another 5 more minutes .
  • Aromatic and flavorful orange cake would be ready to serve!!!

Separate the egg yolks from egg whites and beat the separately.This would definitely give a lighter and fluffier texture for cake.Perfectly beaten eggs will make the cake slightly taller and dense in texture.

Sift the dry ingredients twice or thrice .This will enhance the quality and taste .

Preheat the oven for 15 minutes at 220 degree.Do not over bake the cake.Baking for longer than the prescribed time will remove the moisture and you may end up having a dry cake.

Light and fluffy orange cake.