Crispy peanut chikki/Kadala mittai recipe.


peanuts- 1 cup

Powdered jaggery-1 cup

Water -1&1/2 tbsp


. Heat a pan and dry roast peanuts until they become crisp. It will take 3-4 minutes .

Transfer this in to plate and let it cool .

Remove the skin of peanuts and keep it aside.

Heat a pan add powdered jaggery and water. Let it melt well and prepare jaggery syrup.

Cook this until the consistency of the jaggery syrup turns in to sticky form.

Add peanuts and mix well.

spread this on a butter paper and place another butter paper on top of it, using a rolling pin spread the mix evenly.

Using a knife cut them in to the required shape before cooling.

Let it cool completely.

Serve and enjoy.